1. Why a marketing plan makes your business tick


    As a new business owner or even an existing one, you may ask yourself from time to time, what is one of the most fundamental plans I need to help my business grow? Well, let me share this with you – it is a marketing plan.

    This integral portion of planning is a major link that charts the path for your branding, your advertising and most importantly – your sales. Let’s be honest, that is why you are in the business you are in, for the profit of it all.

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  2. What’s in your marketing toolbox?


    Since time began and monetary value evolved, we’ve always known that we have to sell a product or service to make some money. For example, one of the first markets was created in ancient Rome as that is where a person sold, bought, bartered or traded their wares. And from there, the word and the meaning of Marketing was born.

    Now, marketing a product, should, translate into sales, well, that is the aim anyway!

    As in any business objective, we have tools to help us along. Marketing tools are some of the most fun and communicative tools that you can work with.

    Here are some examples of marketing tools:
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