1. 5 tips to get featured on a blog!


    Blogs are great sources of information to the average reader – they are fairly personal viewpoints of products and services and many people appreciate this sort of product review honesty.

    Always remember, bloggers run blogs quite differently – the main thing to remember is that most of the time blogs are run incognito and you rarely know the bloggers real name…. so to begin, keep the innuendo going, refer to the blogger by their chosen blog reference and then when your relationship builds get to know their name and address them as so.

    Now, that is a great first step, you will need a few more tips to get you featured.

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  2. Why a marketing plan makes your business tick


    As a new business owner or even an existing one, you may ask yourself from time to time, what is one of the most fundamental plans I need to help my business grow? Well, let me share this with you – it is a marketing plan.

    This integral portion of planning is a major link that charts the path for your branding, your advertising and most importantly – your sales. Let’s be honest, that is why you are in the business you are in, for the profit of it all.

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  3. 5 tips to choosing a graphic designer

    1. Check out their portfolio of past work and decide if their work is along the style you are looking for.
    2. Collect samples of work you like and prepare a brief before you make contact so you are super clear on what you are after.
    3. Check the designers availability and ask if they can complete the work within your timeframe.
    4. Ask for a quote upfront in writing and be clear on your budget and what you will get for your investment.
    5. Make sure you own the intellectual property and take the necessary steps to protect it.


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