1. 5 tips to choosing a graphic designer

    1. Check out their portfolio of past work and decide if their work is along the style you are looking for.
    2. Collect samples of work you like and prepare a brief before you make contact so you are super clear on what you are after.
    3. Check the designers availability and ask if they can complete the work within your timeframe.
    4. Ask for a quote upfront in writing and be clear on your budget and what you will get for your investment.
    5. Make sure you own the intellectual property and take the necessary steps to protect it.
  2. Do giveaways boost sales?

    We’ve all see loads of giveaways streaming through our social media feeds but do they actually lead to sales?  We asked a group of Perth Upmarket retailers and the general consensus was probably not straight away.  You may not see a tonne of sales straight up but you need to see it more than a sales opportunity. You should use it to grow your fan base, capture leads, reward existing customers and position yourself as the go to person for when the customers are ready to buy. Before you start, think about what you are looking to get out of running a giveaway? Do you want more exposure for your brand, more sales, more likes on Facebook, or followers on Instagram? You must go into your promotion with predetermined goals, so that when it ends you are able to measure its success. Here are out thoughts on the plus’s and minus’s of running giveaways- Continue reading
  3. Why a marketing plan makes your business tick

    As a new business owner or even an existing one, you may ask yourself from time to time, what is one of the most fundamental plans I need to help my business grow? Well, let me share this with you – it is a marketing plan. This integral portion of planning is a major link that charts the path for your branding, your advertising and most importantly – your sales. Let’s be honest, that is why you are in the business you are in, for the profit of it all. Continue reading


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