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Rewarding Customer Loyalty - Cracker Jack Club

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

The Cracker Jack Club is Jack & Co's customer loyalty program. Customers can join the Cracker Jack Club and receive special member only offers and benefits by scanning their digital member card instore.

After surveying the Jack & Co customers, we discovered that many of the regular in store customers where making their fuel purchase elsewhere. To reward our customers to allocate their fuel spend with us, we introduced the loyalty program which gives customers an everyday saving of 4 cents per litre off their fuel, a free barista made coffee on their birthday and other special offers.

The project involved creating a new on brand logo, tag line and colour palette that would be rolled out both in digital marketing format (smart phone app, in store TV's, POS laneway banners, social media, EDMs etc) and in print format - training and marketing materials. (eg POS signage with QR codes, stickers, badges, large format signage etc)

We were challenged to come up with a system which would be easy for customers to install and work with the current Point Of Sale system. As part of the scope we set up online wordpress registration form, the digital card, created automated emails and SMS and worked in partnership to develop the offering.


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