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Event Facebook Advertising

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

We help many businesses with Facebook Advertising and we have a particular passion for helping event based businesses to attract thousands of customers to their events. This came from running our own Event Management business, Perth Upmarket, for over 13 years. We have been an early adopter of social media and over the years we spent lots of hours and money perfecting the right Facebook Advertising Campaigns to not only get the thousands of customers coming back to our events but attracting new customers who quickly become raving fans.

More recently we worked with our good friends at Handmade Canberra to curate a collection of high performing Facebook ads for their design market. Not only did we create the ads, but we set about teaching the new team members on how to create similar campaigns going forward. A useful Facebook Advertising Guide was created and customised to meet their needs. It included screenshots and step by step videos that the team can refer back to if needed. We love to help businesses succeed but we also love to educate customers so they can incorporate these niche skills into their business as usual, without the ongoing cost of an agency.

We were pleased to receive a wonderful email back from our partners at Handmade saying:

"Thank you for all your help with the paid advertising coming up to the market. All of the ads did well and definitely were a big reason the market was so busy ~ Ella."

Our key focus in everything we do is about getting the business results. We do this by using our "business owners" mindset and treating the business like it is our own.

Other recent Facebook Advertising Campaigns we have worked on include: - Recruitment style ads to drive more traffic to the clients Seek ad (Jack & Co ads)

- Promotional campaigns targeting hot and cold audiences to extend the clients reach (Handmade Canberra ads)

- Targeted lead generation ads to get in front of target audiences who are searching for key words or have key interests... to name a few. (Pilot Childcare ads for various centres)

Before we start any advertising we get very clear on the ideal customer you wish to reach. We clearly define your measurable goal and create custom audiences to make sure your reaching the right people. We use a range of different ad styles including video, static images and carousels depending on what your purpose is and drive customers to you to convert to sales.

If you'd like to explore Facebook Advertising, reach out and let's have a chat to see if we are a good fit.


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