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Low Sensory Shopping : Handmade Canberra

Updated: May 31, 2023

We worked with our client, Handmade Canberra, on developing a new initiative - Low Sensory Shopping hour.

What is Low Sensory Shopping?

Low Sensory Shopping welcomes shoppers to experience the Handmade Canberra Market in a reduced sensory, relaxed and supportive environment between 9am and 10am on the Sunday of the market weekend. Everyone is welcome to stay for the rest of the day, however, lighting, sound and smells will return to previous levels. The experience is inclusive and open to all. Anyone who may benefit from the experience is encouraged to attend.

The project brief:

- research what low sensory shopping was

- talk to key industry bodies to understand how to meet the customers needs and develop the low sensory shopping hour

- create a list of key stakeholders to communicate the event with and draft an invitiation

- design the wordpress website page which is designed as a guide for customers attending the event. The webpage is very detailed to help customers plan their visit and reduce any anxiety about attending something new with sensitivities.

- provide input into a market map and signage to indicate different senses impacted in different areas

- create a run sheet of how the market needed to be modified

- brief staff on what was required

- create a Facebook advertising campaign to reach new and existing audiences.

Feedback from the event organiser was that it was very successful. The attendance met the clients expectations and the customers commented on how much they enjoyed the event. Handmade Canberra plan to make the Low Sensory Shopping hour an ongoing offering to their event.

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